Gun Fit

First shot of the season and you miss..second shot is better. What did you do differently, put your head on the stock for the second shot.

Here is my pre-hunting season recommendation. Get your shotgun out, stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes and mount your gun. Open your eyes is your gun mounted properly? If not do this (sounds) simple fundamental: bring you gun to your face not your face to the gun.

Practice by exaggerating the process of taking your gun in an upward arc, out/away from you, up and back to your shoulder along your face. One continuous motion until you can instinctively do it so that when you open your eyes the gun is against your face and properly mounted.

Right Hand Shooter, Left eye dominant

Ideally you should shoot a shotgun, a rifle and a hand gun with both eyes open. Why? For depth perception. You have NO depth perception with one eye closed.

Now being opposite eye dominant is not an unusual circumstance. You know how to check your eye dominance, right? With both eyes open point your index finger at an object several yards away. Close your left eye and if your finger is still pointing at the object you are right eye dominant. Try it again opening only your left eye..same thing if you see the object on target with your left eye instead of your right eye..left eye dominance.

Simple solution smear a little chap stick on the lens of your dominant eye or put a piece to scotch tape there. You will have depth perception and it will make your non-dominant eye take over. Try it.

Gun Storage

Most guns are now kept in gun safes. And most guns safes are made out of steel which makes them moisture magnets so proper storage of your firearms is critical. First use some kind of dehumidifier like a Golden Rod or desiccant.

Then I suggest that you clean your firearms after use and, with your fingers smear a thin coating of any light oil on the metal surface. Then I really like to put each gun in a silicone sleeve that both protects the gun from “safe dings” and wicks moisture away from the gun. Last, I often put my firearms in the safe muzzle down. This prevents any excess oil from soaking into the stock.


What do you like? Shotguns, Rifles, Handguns, Lever actions, Bolt actions, Pumps…etc

If you are inclined to start gun collecting I always suggest that you start with what you like or what appeals to you. Might be 28 gauge shotguns. Might be “J” frame Smith and Wessons. Might be lever action Marlins. There is no end to what you can collect so start simple, find out if your interests change or if your interests remain focused. Just try not to get out of your comfort zone.

My recommendation is to always try to collect the best condition guns that you can. Secondly would be rarity and/or features. Don’t be afraid to acquire a gun that is almost what you want as it will be great trading material when you find the jewel that you seek!

Please contact me I will try to answer any and all questions that you might have about a gun of yours, a gun that you are interested in acquiring.