B C Kinsey

Gun Guy. Hunter, Shooter, Husband, Father, Grand Father

Located in the Kansas City area

Early on

So when did this fascination with guns begin?

I have seen childhood photos of myself and friends playing army, playing cops and robber, etc. and we were always armed with our “fanner 50’s” or cadet rifles or whatever was the cool toy gun of the era. Then one day, why I don’t know, I was looking through the yearly albums that my mom kept of me in my first 6 or 7 years and there was a section in those albums about favorite gifts received…I was noted every entry that my favorite gift was a new toy gun. Predestined? Maybe!

At age 7 I attended a Lion’s Club Trapshoot with my dad and his boss one Sunday morning. When the shoot finished we went back to Mr. Hardy’s home and he had me go upstairs with him to a room that had a number of guns on display. On one small rack there was a bolt action .22 rf rifle that he handed to me and asked me what I do next? Without hesitation I opened the bolt to make certain that the rifle was unloaded and he smiled and said that was the correct answer, the rifle is yours. My feet did not touch the ground for I don’t know how long. I shot that .22 a lot and I still have it. My 7 year grandson was visiting last summer and I asked his mom and dad if Lucas and I could shoot .22’s on our acreage..their answer was yes. I dug out my old .22 that Mr. Hardy had given me and proceeded to try to shoot it before I let Lucas try. That gun has about a 10 pound trigger pull; no one should be able to shoot it!!

At age 11 my dad gave me a Winchester model 37 single shot .410 while we were at another trapshoot. We cleaned off the cosmoline and I shot a 5 out of 25 and took second place in the youth division…the winner hit 6!

High School and I started trapshooting by myself. Bought a Remington 1100 TB on layaway and shot it well. Then I wanted a “better” gun and the gun trading began….


I grew-up in the commercial furnishings business and remained in that occupation until age 40. I had been buying, selling and trading guns as a hobby, but as a licensed dealer since my 21st birthday so now at age 40 I was feeling a tug to leave the furniture business and get into the gun business full time.

My wife and I drew up a business plan and we started Shooters Guns n More in Lincoln, NE. Our original store was 5,000 square feet and had guns, archery, art gallery, hunting/shooting clothing and all of the accessories; holsters, gun cases, boots, gloves, cleaning equipment…all of it. We operated that store for about 6 years when it was becoming evident that my passion was guns, not archery, not art…guns. So we left the “big” building and bought a small, more boutique building and concentrated on guns and what goes with guns. Fast forward to 2001 and as we watched the World Trade Center and the United States under attack Jo and I were preparing to close Shooters and go on to our next chapter.

In August of 2001 Cabela’s phoned my wife to ask her if it was Okay to talk to me about joining Cabela’s, moving to Kansas City and opening a new store there scheduled for August of 2002. All of the stars and planets aligned and we closed Shooters and I went to work for Cabela’s..the first person hired for the Kansas City store and I was to be the Gun Library manager. When the Lincoln newspaper interviewed me for an article on my new adventure I told the paper that it was like me being the general manager of the local minor league baseball team and we had just won the Northern League pennant; then the Yankees called as me to be a 3rd base coach for the Yankees. So it was my chance to play in the “bid leagues” with Cabela’s being the to team in the league!

About 10 years there in Kansas City, about 170,000 guns sold through that store in that time period and the opportunity to work with some of the best gun people in the industry. I was there when the internet was evolving and we started a website for our products. I was there when to company went public; there during the economic turmoil of 2008; then when the new CEO came on board and dramatically changed the company culture…I left.

I started my full time career in the firearms industry in 1990 and had almost 19 years of part time experience before that. Quick math puts me approaching 50 years in the gun business, so far!

phone: 913.485-2380. Email: bckinsey01@yahoo.com

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