Firearm Appraisal Services

Appraisals and consulting

Why you need a gun appraisal?

For over 40 years I have been providing appraisals on firearms..individually and/or collections. Appraisals for insurance purposes, for estate reasons, for litigations (divorce, et al.) and just for financial valuation. I get contacted by:

  • individual collectors
  • trust departments
  • insurance agencies
  • lawyers
  • courts
  • heirs

How do   gun appraisals work?

The most common appraisal that I do is a comprehensive evaluation of a collection. I view and examine each gun noting the necessary details including: make, model, cal/ga, serial number, features/details and condition. When the examination is finished I return to my office and go through my notes and determine a value for each and every item. Per customer request the valuations can be retail, actual market value and net wholesale. When all is done a spreadsheet is prepared with all detailed information and prices to the customer and a copy is kept in my file.

The appraisal can become much more detailed with photographs taken of the individual guns and an separate appraisal sheet can also be prepared for each gun.

My qualifications are my more than 40 years in the business, my vast knowledge of firearms and market values, my access to comparable market values and my network of other specialists. Supporting my qualifications is the simple fact that over the years, when challenged, my appraisals have always proven to be correct and “spot-on”. Tests of appraisals that I prepared by courts, by heirs, by insurance companies..have all been accepted.

How much does gun appraisal cost?

My fee structure starts at $25 per gun with a minimum of 10 guns and within an hour driving distance. Additional fees for mileage, expenses, images and type of appraisal are all discussed and understood before the appraisal.

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